Mass emailing to obtain service confirmations

Mass emailing to obtain service confirmations

In this post, we will explain how mass emailing to get service confirmations works. Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to send mass confirmation emails containing the service’s date and time, along with other details that may be customised.

Before this innovation was implemented, this could be done individually for each work order. Therefore, so that you receive all information, we will show you that old option, which will continue to be available, as well as the new one we have developed.

Sending an individual service’s proposed date and time

Once all services of a contract have been generated, in the upper part you will find a section called ‘date and time’, along with four statuses (‘proposed’, ‘pending confirmation’, ‘confirmed’, and ‘rejected’).

Statuses -  mass emailing

Below, you will be able to change the planned date and time manually. There, you will also see a green button called ‘propose this date to customer’.

Propose date to customer -  mass emailing

When clicking on it, an email containing the date, time, technician performing the service and, even, the number plate of the vehicle used to go to your customer’s premises will be sent.

Send date proposal - mass emailing

Mass emailing of proposed dates

If, instead of emailing each customer individually, you prefer to do so massively, you will need to follow the steps that we will show you below.

On the Planning module, you must go to the section ‘assigned work orders’. There, you will be able to filter WOs based on their status, which may be ‘confirmed’, ‘pending’, ‘proposed’, or ‘rejected’.

Once you obtain the list with the desired work orders, you must click on the left-hand checks of the ones for which the email confirming the service’s date and time will be sent, as shown in the following image.

List filters - mass emailing
List filters

Afterwards, you will see a button called ‘actions’ in the upper right corner. When clicking on it, the option ‘send confirmation request to customer’ will appear.

List filters - mass emailing

If you select it, all work orders chosen in the previous step will be displayed on screen. You will be able to review the service confirmation email, as shown in the picture below.

List filters - mass emailing

Thus, you will have the option to modify any details in the email.

Its template may be found following this route: Settings > Company > Emails/text messages > Set up emails/text messages > Work order’s date proposal. When editing that field, you will see that two crucial variables have been added: ${botonAcceptar} (‘accept’ button) and ${botonRechazar} (‘reject’ button).

Edit email - mass emailing

Thus, when customers receive this email, they will be able to select whether to accept or reject the proposal.

Accept or reject buttons- mass emailing

Once it is sent, each of the work order’s confirmation statuses will change to ‘pending’.

If customers click on ‘accept’, the work order will be converted into ‘confirmed’.

Confirmed status - mass emailing

In case the proposal is rejected, this decision will be reflected on the work order list, as shown next:

Rejected status - mass emailing

Now you know how to use the mass emailing feature aimed at obtaining service confirmations. To know more about other great innovations in iGEO, please check our blog.