Generate your products’ inventory

Generate product inventory

Finally, we have made the feature to generate your products’ inventory available. Thanks to this new development, you will be able to adjust your warehouses’ stock in a quick, efficient way.

This feature is found in the ‘Catalogue’ module, where you may perform an inventory for each of the warehouses set in your company. So that you may see it in detail, next we will introduce an example.

Let’s imagine you have a warehouse with a stock entered previously, and that you want to adjust it and carry out an inventory in order to know the amount of each product present in it. The steps to take are quite simple: you just need to go to the warehouse of your choice, where you will see a yellow button called ‘inventories’.


Next, after clicking on it, you will be able to create the inventory of the selected warehouse. If you had previously created others, you will find them on screen with the ‘closed’ status.

Warehouse inventory
In the event that you may want to create a new one, you will find right below the table a green button called ‘new inventory’.

New inventory

When beginning the process, you may filter results in order to obtain products belonging to a specific line of business or all of them.

Create inventory

In this instance, we will select a specific LoB and click on the blue button called ‘select only some products for the inventory’.

Selecty only some products for the inventory

Thus, the list will only contain those products linked to that line of business.

Product list

In this case, we will carry out the inventory of only some products shown on the list; hence, we will check the boxes to the left of their pictures. When you are done, you will have to click on the green button called ‘add products selected to stock’.

Add products selected to stock

Before recording the amount of those products, you will obtain a table in order to preview these.

 In order to start entering the quantities, you will need to click on ‘create inventory’.

Products selected to create inventory

Next, a list will be displayed with the selected products, and its columns will classify the information based on their lot number, expiry date, and stock existing at the moment in the warehouse. Right beside them, you will find a box to enter each product’s quantity stored in the warehouse.

Product amounts

In case you want to add more products, you must click on the blue button called so. Once you have indicated the stock number, you must click on ‘enter’ so that all that information is successfully saved.

To finish, you will need to click on the green button called ‘close inventory’. Right then, iGEO will show you the summary of the products’ entry/exit regularisation movement. Please be aware of the fact that entry movements will correspond to inventories containing greater amounts of products, whereas exit ones will contain smaller stock quantities.

Summary of the inventory

By clicking on ‘continue’, your inventory’s status will change to ‘closed’.

Closed status

Thus, you will have the chance to create all inventories you want in an easy way. As you have seen, generating them is quite simple.

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Direct access to an alert’s location on a work order

Direct access to an alert's location on a work order

This feature will allow technicians to have direct access to an alert’s location, so that they may open Google Maps with a single click and arrive at the service address as soon as possible. If you receive an alert of ‘incidence’ type, you may assign a map location to it.


When managing it, you will have the chance to select the option ‘place alert in an existing work order’ and to link it to a technician’s service. 

Place an alert in an existing WO

When a technician goes to the work order on their portal, a message stating the WO has alerts will pop up on the upper part. The address assigned to it previously will be displayed in blue.

Work order on the Technician Portal

If the technician clicks on the alert’s address, it will be opened directly on Google Maps so that it can be previewed.

This feature is aimed at them been able to easily access the alert’s address. Thus, they will do so with a single click, so that they may perform the service as quickly as possible.

Now you know how to use the direct access to an alert’s location on a work order. To remain up to date about all the features developed by us, please check our blog.

Reports on products’ estimated consumption

Reports on products' estimated consumption

In this blog post, we will explain how to create reports on products’ estimated consumption. This will allow you to obtain the financial value of those used on a specific date range.

In the ‘Catalogue’ module, in the ‘reports’ section, a new option called ‘estimated consumption’ is now available. To obtain the aforementioned report, you will find a set of filters there, as shown in the following image:

Search estimated consumption - Reports on products' estimated consumption

When all necessary filters have been selected, you will have to click on the ‘search’ button, which you may find in the bottom right corner. Right afterwards, the results of the search performed will be displayed.

Advanced search results

As you may see at the bottom, you will be able to see at a glance the sum’s total of each product. 

Sum total

Also, you will have the chance to export the report to Excel. This option is located in the upper right corner of the page.

Export to excel - Reports on products' estimated consumption

Now you know all necessary aspects about creating reports on products’ estimated consumption. To remain up to date about all the features developed by us, please check our blog.

The importance of digital transformation

The importance of digital transformation

iGEO ERP Cloud Platform is a software that was born as a response to the needs of the pest control and environmental health itself, which requires having its own technological tool to manage all business processes. In this post, we will explain the importance of digital transformation, the immersion of a cloud-based software, and the relevance of the recent 5G.

Digital transformation: cloud-based technology and process automation

Digital transformation has a clear goal, which is that information is available at all times, accessible anywhere, and usable on any device. In addition, according to recent research carried out in 2019, companies that invested in digital transformation have experienced a substantial increase in their profits.

Once businesses start working with a powerful software and settle in the cloud, they undertake process automation, leading to their tasks reflecting workflows. As a result, they obtain reports on those procedures and are able to assess and correct in real time any aspect with no need of human intervention.

Speeding up operations contributes to overcoming staff shortages and improves security, among other features.

The advantages of being in the cloud

The cloud allows you to exert a more comprehensive control over your company. Thanks to an integral solution founded on cloud-based business management, you may monitor all financial, commercial, and planning aspects, among others, in your company.

This comprehensive tool allows you to obtain a global view in real time. That increases your reaction capacity in the face of the market’s circumstances and represents a great asset against your competitors.

Time and location will no longer be a problem when accessing a business process or any kind of documentation. A cloud-based integrated software will prevent you from losing any business opportunities due to not being present at the company’s premises. Your office may be anywhere.

Another advantage lies in being able to interact with other specialised online apps and export data to them. All cloud-based integrated software products comply with the regulations of the country where they operate and help your company’s activity achieve the same. Furthermore, security is much greater, given this kind of programmes depends on specialised companies charged with guaranteeing backups, data encrypting, and protection.

All these advantages, that allow you to control all your departments with the same cloud-based comprehensive tool, will lead to increasing your profits and to optimising your work times.

Big data’s contributions

Big data or advanced data analyses are being used by companies to evaluate the behaviour of their clients and prospects. Thanks to these, you may react to unforeseen events in real time. 

For managers and executives, it is vital to obtain digital metrics to assess their processes’ success and failure. For that matter, big data does not only help to obtain present information, but also it is essential to be able to plan market strategies both in the short and long term.

The importance of 5G

5G will bring a series of advantages to companies at an unprecedented level. According to the report ‘5G and its Impact on Enterprise Digital Transformation’, by Strategy Analytics, it is expected that many kinds of sectors increase their market opportunities. It is the case of companies developing virtual and/or augment reality, business apps for mobile phones, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G devices, etc.

5G will promote a deep industry transformation, which will impact the personal sphere, as well as companies on a global scale, and will increase productivity, mobility, and profitability.

iGEO is the tool for the sector’s digital transformation

To sum up, iGEO ERP Cloud Platform is undoubtedly the best tool for pest control and environmental health companies to undertake their digital transformation. It will provide you with total, real-time control over your company through process automation and access to information any time and anywhere. In this regard, iGEO has a Business Intelligence module, where you may analyse data to anticipate market trends according to your own customers’ behaviour.

All this leads to a greater profitability and earnings. We have been the first to invest in the cloud, which vests us with added trust and experience in the face of our clients.

Thanks to the aforementioned reasons, we can confirm that, with iGEO, your business will be ready for 5G and any digital transformation you may face in the future in the pest control and environmental health sector.

New technology in iGEO: route optimisation in real time

Route optimisation in real time with iGEO's new technology

iGEO is immersed in a new project that will see the light of day in early 2020: route optimisation in real time. Our goal is to implement a new technology allowing to calculate routes in an optimised, automatic way.

In order to perform a route’s calculation, the algorithm will take into consideration all data that you have entered in the software, such as venue’s schedule, technicians working in the area, road traffic, and many additional aspects. Thus, you will only need to modify a route in extraordinary circumstances.

The economic gains derived from route optimisation in real time will contribute to increasing your company’s profitability substantially.

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Drones: the solution to reach isolated locations

drones pest control

Drones are becoming useful, essential tools in multiple aspects of our daily lives. Currently, they are being successfully tested and greatly accepted in pest control.

Using drones in certain circumstances is more effective than human action, especially when they may not access some locations. This is the case of the Galápagos Islands, where some tests are being perform in order to employ this tool in the most efficient way when launching foggers to end a rat infestation harming the ecosystem.

The manageability of these air vehicles is key to access any location. Therefore, thanks to a drone fleet, you may reach a greater area to disinfect, disinsect, derat, or perform any other kind of service.

These may even carry 42-pound pellets and detonate biocides with great accuracy. This is due to the fact that they are flown using a control system operated by specialised technicians in a safe place.

Furthermore, after performing these services, these locations may be monitored in order to verify that the pest has been actually eliminated or that, at least, the expected results are being achieved.

New technologies are bursting into the sector, and we need to rely on them to be able to evolve, to become more efficient when performing services, and to offer everyone first-rate environmental health solutions. To remain up to date about the sector’s news, please check our blog.

Signing documents on the Customer Portal

signing documents on the Customer Portal

Thanks to this new improvement in iGEO, now your customers will have the option to sign documents on the Customer Portal in a quick, direct, trustworthy way.

The documents that may be signed are the following:

-Service certificates
-Biocide use alerts

To enable this option, you will need to check the box ‘signable on Customer Portal’ in an existing work order, or when generating a quote or a contract.

Enabling this option in a contract
Enabling this option in a contract

Thus, when your customer logs in to their portal, they will see the sections ‘pending signature’ and ‘signed’ within the documents’ menu. If they go to the former, they will find quotes, contracts, certificates, and biocide use alerts to sign in a quick way with a single click.

Documents pending signature
After checking the box and clicking on the orange button, the document may be signed

If, instead of a quote or contract, you want a service certificate to be signed on the Customer Portal, you will need to enable the option that appears on the bottom of the document itself.

Service certificate

Therefore, when emailing any of these documents, we recommend letting your customer know that, in order to sign them, they need to access their Portal with the login credentials provided to them.