iGEO, Boston Dynamics and Pest Control Technology

iGEO and Spot, Boston Dynamics' inspection robot

In iGEO, we always strive to highlight (and profit from) the abilities and advantages delivered by technological progress to the pest control sector.

iGEO’s mission is to make the digitalisation of pest control and environmental health companies easier. Our software specialised in the sector arose from that need. After working with more than 900 companies spread across more than 26 countries, we keep focusing on the research on pest control technology to provide you with the sector’s latest innovations.

As a result of our continuous research on the technology applicable to the pest control and environmental health sector, the partnership between iGEO and Boston Dynamics, a benchmark company in robotics, emerged.

What is Boston Dynamics?

As we have mentioned before, Boston Dynamics is the reference company regarding innovation in robotics, and is specialised in the development of mobile robots able to operate in both natural and industrial environments with no limits, in order to help experts in their most complex tasks. Boston Dynamics’ development is translated into unique designs, such as Spot, capable of accessing fields unreachable to others.

What do we know about Spot?

Spot is a mobile robot specialised in performing industrial inspections and in collecting data safely in critical locations hard to be reached by humans. It presents a series of innovative abilities, such as the following:

  1. Visual inspection: it allows to collect detailed information during inspections thanks to its 360° zoom camera.
  2. Meter reading: it may read analogue meters of pressure, flux, temperature, etc., even at a distance, thanks to its 30x-zoom lens.
  3. Thermal sensor: it has the option to integrate a camera with thermal sensitivity to detect heat points on any kind of surface and environment.
  4. Leak detection: it allows to spot and detect water and steam leaks around industrial plants, and identifies machinery with a degraded performance.
  5. Laser scanning: it recreates surfaces and routes thanks to laser scanning in order to analyse data and to identify workplaces prior to performing a task.

Spot, Boston Dynamics' inspection robotPest control technology

How may I use Spot as a pest control technology?

Spot’s mission is to perform industrial inspections of all kinds in sectors such as construction, oil, mining, or public safety. However, in iGEO we have considered the possibility of introducing Spot as a work tool part of pest control’s technology.

That’s precisely the starting point of our conversations with Boston Dynamics. We presented the idea of using Spot in visual inspections in control-point monitoring processes. Its purpose is to generate maps for future visits through premises’ scanning and mapping, and to send them to our platform.

Afterwards, both office clerks and technicians will have access to those maps and to the monitoring operations performed, which will also be available on the Customer Portal.  Also, Spot may be fed with the information generated by iGEO, such as heat maps or trend charts, in order to perform specific actions.

In iGEO, in the capacity of technological partners in pest control, we want to share this information with our customers and other companies from the sector. Any further news will be published as our conversations with Boston Dynamics and our research progress. We keep working on improving and digitalising daily processes, as well as on innovating pest control technology.

Although it is far away and expensive for the time being, we hope that, in the near future, we can introduce Spot with total viability in some processes and daily tasks performed by companies in the pest control and environmental health sector. For now, Ángel Serrano (CEO) will deliver a talk in EXPOCIDA, where he will present a very interesting progress in this project. We invite you to attend: you will be truly impressed by the new pest control technologies to come.

Prototype of iGEO's Spot


iGEO, the most used software in the pest control sector


More than 900 companies around the world use our software, given it is the most specialised programme in pest control and environmental health. By using our software every day, you will optimise and make each of your company’s processes profitable. iGEO is located on the cloud, which allows your office clerks and technicians, as well as your customers, to remain
connected at the same time.

Pest control and environmental health companies require working with a software that is specialised in the sector and that contains a series of features and tools delivering features adapted to their real needs.

What is our pest control software useful for?

Still today, many businesses keep wondering whether they are really going to take advantage of and obtain the expected results by using a software like iGEO. It is clear, as it has been proven multiple times, that implementing a platform like iGEO in work processes allows you to adapt 100 % to the sector’s needs. At the same time, you will get an unprecedented profitability in all your company’s departments.

All features implemented are aimed at automatising processes, so that iGEO is charged with performing the most complex tasks. Thus, you will save time and reduce your working times.

Nowadays, digitalisation is a requirement that all companies will need to meet. Nevertheless, it is crucial that this process is guided by professionals that know the pest control sector and that understand your business’s working methodologies, so that they are able to walk you through the digitalisation procedure and ensure a perfect adaptation throughout all departments.

Global data analysis

Features of our pest control software

The difference between a software specialised in pest control and others that are more generic is that all of the developments carried out by the former are aimed exclusively at the sector’s real needs, which are reported by clients.

New features are built with the market’s most powerful technology. This is the only way for your pest control business to grow at the rate it deserves. Among those that have contributed the most to companies’ evolution is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to daily processes.

For that matter, iGEO’s route optimisation through Artificial Intelligence is vital to generate the most optimised trip for each technician. This innovative planning system takes different parameters into consideration, such as customers’ schedules, technicians’ workdays, zones’ average traffic, travel times, breaks, and other aspects of your choice.

Technology is not only implemented in internal procedures: you will also have access to a quote calculator that will allow you to generate and deliver quotes to your customers, which will take into account profit margins and apply a set of customised costs. Your own customers will even be able to obtain reports, advanced trend charts, heat maps, etc.


Benefits of our pest control software

One of iGEO‘s multiple benefits is that it allows you to work anywhere, anytime, regardless of the device of your choice. And all this, in real time.

The interconnection between the different departments, as well as with your customers, contributes to performing a comprehensive process at once. This will help you reduce your times and optimise your work.

Furthermore, iGEO works exclusively for this sector, so our professionals, many of whom worked in the past for pest control companies, know perfectly the tools needed by businesses to grow. Our clients’ contribute to it, too.

Nevertheless, if you decide to work with a software created by a company devoted to developing many types of programmes, it will hinder your growth. In the end, you will see how your competitors have taken a great stride forward, while your business has been left behind.

The goal of all these innovations is that hard work becomes simple. Thus, the tasks of all the employees in the company will become easier.

Why have more than 900 companies implemented iGEO successfully?

iGEO comprises a team of more than 40 employees, that develops new features each month, as well as new customised documentation designs. In addition, our RDI department is dedicated to analysing and implementing new technology (smart traps integrated in iGEO, route optimisation through AI, heat maps, etc.), which is made available to our clients.

After all, there is no software aimed at big or small companies only; don’t let yourself be fooled. There is only one programme capable of accommodating all businesses in the sector, without making any distinctions.

The most powerful companies use iGEO because it is the only software with the potential needed to meet all real requirements of the sector.

Cybersecurity in iGEO

Cybersecurity in iGEO

In this post, we will talk about iGEO’s security and cybersecurity policies, which are one of the main foundations of our software and to which we devote many resources, both financial and technical. This is something a few know, but that, of course, differentiates us from other programmes.

Since the very beginning, we have been aware of the relevance of safe data storage for those companies working with iGEO. A key decision was to trust since day one in one of the three big clouds; in this case, iGEO is hosted in Google’s, where information is stored using the most secure, trustworthy methodologies.

Cybersecurity: why Google Cloud?

Google is one of the leading companies in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), due to the vast number of products it offers. This allows us to implement many innovations that are useful for iGEO’s features, and with the maximum security.

As you all know, iGEO invests in introducing new technology. Hence, we have always been sure about working with a server platform that makes the incorporation of new, powerful developments to our software easy. Given Google’s infrastructure and its constant progress, our development department, along with that of RDI, implements new features through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and other technologies in iGEO.

How are iGEO’s data stored in Google?

Instead of storing users’ data in a single machine, we work with multiple data centres, each of which is set up as a server hive. Thus, data are fragmented into different locations, which complicates accessibility.

In case an intruder intended to reach the information stored in the servers, they would have to surf and hide at the same time across Google’s servers, which would make it truly difficult for them to get any information at all. To hinder this process for any hacker, we encrypt not only all data and communications, but also their fragments as an additional security measure, and store them in different Google servers.

In addition, in iGEO, we have set up firewalls and other security tools that block the access to the information stored in our servers. We invest a significant amount of our financial resources in security.

Updates and backups

While iGEO’s users work with the application at any time of the day, all data are recorded and stored in our different servers. But the most crucial aspect is that backups are automatically performed every hour, which would allow us to recover all data in the event of a disaster. These are stored in different data centres across Europe and the Americas, and we are working for them to be even hosted in the Azure’s cloud, which belongs to Microsoft. Thanks to these backup systems, we comply with several ISO security standards, which are added to the ones provided by Google.

In spite of all, iGEO is the only app, not only in this sector but also in many others, that has complete data transparency. Regarding accessibility, we provide you with a feature within our platform that allows you to download a file containing all your data stored in iGEO. It is essential to have these options available, so that your information is not captive in the software with which you work in the event that you want to stop using it.

For that matter, our helpdesk department will verify who requested to download those sensitive data by following a strict security protocol. This process entails a series of procedures and verifications so that the company’s manager authorises it themself with the highest safety level.

On which aspects does cybersecurity focus?

Cybersecurity may be defined as a practice to defend devices, servers, computers, networks, and data against malware attacks. Next, we will explain the different kinds of cybersecurity that are applied in iGEO to work with Google’s servers:

  • Network security: it protects the system from malware aimed at accessing your network.
  • Application security: it focuses on keeping iGEO’s software free of threats and limits to a great extent the access to the information entered in the app.
  • Information security: it protects data integrity and privacy while storing and transferring them through an encryption protocol.
  • Operating security: it includes customised processes and permissions for each user to access the information stored in iGEO.
  • Data recovering: if, under any circumstances, an attack or procedure causing a data loss occurs, in iGEO we have the possibility to recover them and restore all operations and information that existed before in order to ensure your work’s continuity.

Other advice to reduce the chances of cyberattacks against your equipment

Regarding other security aspects, you as users must adopt certain measures to preserve your equipment’s cybersecurity:

  • Update your operating system: by doing so, you will also profit from the latest security improvements in your work device.
  • Use an antivirus: install this kind of software in your devises so that you are protected against malware and alerted against sites that may jeopardise your work.
  • Change your passwords: iGEO always provides you with credentials at the highest security level. However, it is advisable to change passwords yourselves every so often. To achieve a high security level, you may combine numbers, letters, and symbols.
  • Do not click on suspicious links: in iGEO, we will never request passwords or relevant information via email. Hence, if you receive a suspicious email asking for your credentials, please delete it straight away or, in case of doubt, contact us or the company that is allegedly requesting them.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi access is safe: sometimes, connecting to an open network may be counterproductive. Therefore, we recommend you to do so only in completely secured spaces. Some open networks, like those in airports, monitor your browsing activity. Even though they don’t have access to your passwords, this is still a clear example of violation of your privacy.

Now you know what cybersecurity is and how to protect it in your daily work. To stay up to date about the sector’s news, please check our blog.

The importance of digital transformation

The importance of digital transformation

iGEO ERP Cloud Platform is a software that was born as a response to the needs of the pest control and environmental health itself, which requires having its own technological tool to manage all business processes. In this post, we will explain the importance of digital transformation, the immersion of a cloud-based software, and the relevance of the recent 5G.

Digital transformation: cloud-based technology and process automation

Digital transformation has a clear goal, which is that information is available at all times, accessible anywhere, and usable on any device. In addition, according to recent research carried out in 2019, companies that invested in digital transformation have experienced a substantial increase in their profits.

Once businesses start working with a powerful software and settle in the cloud, they undertake process automation, leading to their tasks reflecting workflows. As a result, they obtain reports on those procedures and are able to assess and correct in real time any aspect with no need of human intervention.

Speeding up operations contributes to overcoming staff shortages and improves security, among other features.

The advantages of being in the cloud

The cloud allows you to exert a more comprehensive control over your company. Thanks to an integral solution founded on cloud-based business management, you may monitor all financial, commercial, and planning aspects, among others, in your company.

This comprehensive tool allows you to obtain a global view in real time. That increases your reaction capacity in the face of the market’s circumstances and represents a great asset against your competitors.

Time and location will no longer be a problem when accessing a business process or any kind of documentation. A cloud-based integrated software will prevent you from losing any business opportunities due to not being present at the company’s premises. Your office may be anywhere.

Another advantage lies in being able to interact with other specialised online apps and export data to them. All cloud-based integrated software products comply with the regulations of the country where they operate and help your company’s activity achieve the same. Furthermore, security is much greater, given this kind of programmes depends on specialised companies charged with guaranteeing backups, data encrypting, and protection.

All these advantages, that allow you to control all your departments with the same cloud-based comprehensive tool, will lead to increasing your profits and to optimising your work times.

Big data’s contributions

Big data or advanced data analyses are being used by companies to evaluate the behaviour of their clients and prospects. Thanks to these, you may react to unforeseen events in real time. 

For managers and executives, it is vital to obtain digital metrics to assess their processes’ success and failure. For that matter, big data does not only help to obtain present information, but also it is essential to be able to plan market strategies both in the short and long term.

The importance of 5G

5G will bring a series of advantages to companies at an unprecedented level. According to the report ‘5G and its Impact on Enterprise Digital Transformation’, by Strategy Analytics, it is expected that many kinds of sectors increase their market opportunities. It is the case of companies developing virtual and/or augment reality, business apps for mobile phones, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G devices, etc.

5G will promote a deep industry transformation, which will impact the personal sphere, as well as companies on a global scale, and will increase productivity, mobility, and profitability.

iGEO is the tool for the sector’s digital transformation

To sum up, iGEO ERP Cloud Platform is undoubtedly the best tool for pest control and environmental health companies to undertake their digital transformation. It will provide you with total, real-time control over your company through process automation and access to information any time and anywhere. In this regard, iGEO has a Business Intelligence module, where you may analyse data to anticipate market trends according to your own customers’ behaviour.

All this leads to a greater profitability and earnings. We have been the first to invest in the cloud, which vests us with added trust and experience in the face of our clients.

Thanks to the aforementioned reasons, we can confirm that, with iGEO, your business will be ready for 5G and any digital transformation you may face in the future in the pest control and environmental health sector.