iGEO's main features




All iGEO's features are adapted to the pest control sector

Discover all the features that have made iGEO the leading pest control software

Here you will find a short description of the main features of the pest control software iGEO, which will allow you to manage each and all of your company’s processes. A comprehensive management of your sales department, your technicians’ jobs, route planning, invoicing, order placement and reception, and purchases to vendors, among others, will facilitate your work, given all processes will be integrated in the same software.

Don’t forget that iGEO provides a very complete Customer Portal, which includes all the information about your customers’ premises. This will allow you to keep a direct connection to them through this portal. 

Take the leap towards the digital transformation of your company

Thanks to all these features integrated in the same pest control software, you will be ready to take the leap towards the digital transformation of your company. The moment has come to gain quality and efficiency for all your processes.

Many of these features of the pest control software, as well as the multiple technologies integrated in iGEO (such as route optimisation, the artificial intelligence being incorporated to multiple modules of the application, the connection to smart traps, the creation of business rules to generate automatic alerts, etc.), are making iGEO the leading programme and distinguishing it from the rest of the market’s products. Our implication in the sector is making the difference.

We are not only a pest control software, WE ARE PART OF THE PEST CONTROL SECTOR.