Direct access to an alert’s location on a work order

Direct access to an alert's location on a work order

This feature will allow technicians to have direct access to an alert’s location, so that they may open Google Maps with a single click and arrive at the service address as soon as possible. If you receive an alert of ‘incidence’ type, you may assign a map location to it.


When managing it, you will have the chance to select the option ‘place alert in an existing work order’ and to link it to a technician’s service. 

Place an alert in an existing WO

When a technician goes to the work order on their portal, a message stating the WO has alerts will pop up on the upper part. The address assigned to it previously will be displayed in blue.

Work order on the Technician Portal

If the technician clicks on the alert’s address, it will be opened directly on Google Maps so that it can be previewed.

This feature is aimed at them been able to easily access the alert’s address. Thus, they will do so with a single click, so that they may perform the service as quickly as possible.

Now you know how to use the direct access to an alert’s location on a work order. To remain up to date about all the features developed by us, please check our blog.