Generate your products’ inventory

Generate product inventory

Finally, we have made the feature to generate your products’ inventory available. Thanks to this new development, you will be able to adjust your warehouses’ stock in a quick, efficient way.

This feature is found in the ‘Catalogue’ module, where you may perform an inventory for each of the warehouses set in your company. So that you may see it in detail, next we will introduce an example.

Let’s imagine you have a warehouse with a stock entered previously, and that you want to adjust it and carry out an inventory in order to know the amount of each product present in it. The steps to take are quite simple: you just need to go to the warehouse of your choice, where you will see a yellow button called ‘inventories’.


Next, after clicking on it, you will be able to create the inventory of the selected warehouse. If you had previously created others, you will find them on screen with the ‘closed’ status.

Warehouse inventory
In the event that you may want to create a new one, you will find right below the table a green button called ‘new inventory’.

New inventory

When beginning the process, you may filter results in order to obtain products belonging to a specific line of business or all of them.

Create inventory

In this instance, we will select a specific LoB and click on the blue button called ‘select only some products for the inventory’.

Selecty only some products for the inventory

Thus, the list will only contain those products linked to that line of business.

Product list

In this case, we will carry out the inventory of only some products shown on the list; hence, we will check the boxes to the left of their pictures. When you are done, you will have to click on the green button called ‘add products selected to stock’.

Add products selected to stock

Before recording the amount of those products, you will obtain a table in order to preview these.

 In order to start entering the quantities, you will need to click on ‘create inventory’.

Products selected to create inventory

Next, a list will be displayed with the selected products, and its columns will classify the information based on their lot number, expiry date, and stock existing at the moment in the warehouse. Right beside them, you will find a box to enter each product’s quantity stored in the warehouse.

Product amounts

In case you want to add more products, you must click on the blue button called so. Once you have indicated the stock number, you must click on ‘enter’ so that all that information is successfully saved.

To finish, you will need to click on the green button called ‘close inventory’. Right then, iGEO will show you the summary of the products’ entry/exit regularisation movement. Please be aware of the fact that entry movements will correspond to inventories containing greater amounts of products, whereas exit ones will contain smaller stock quantities.

Summary of the inventory

By clicking on ‘continue’, your inventory’s status will change to ‘closed’.

Closed status

Thus, you will have the chance to create all inventories you want in an easy way. As you have seen, generating them is quite simple.

To remain up to date about all the features developed by us, please check our blog.